Come to CalTV’s First Annual Open Mic/Performance Night!

CalTV is all about expression. We’re made by students for students, and now is your chance to be heard! We’ve been wanting to do a performance night for a long time, and now we finally have the chance. We want YOU to show your talents and watch your fellow students do the same!

We’re proud to be featuring several student groups–the Golden Overtones, Sriracha, and members of Cal Slam. More groups are TBA. CalTV members are also going to be out in full force, showing some of their skills you don’t get to see on our weekly shows.

So check it out! Stop by Eshleman Library (on the 7th floor) this Wednesday, April 27th, from 8-10pm. It’s completely FREE and there will be FREE FOOD as well.

See you there!

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CalTV Bake Sale: Curbing the 4/20 Munchies Since 2010.

We haven’t been at this very long, but we already know that the CalTV Bake Sale is a good thing. Last year we set up camp on Memorial Glade and provided brownies and rice krispie treats for those students who just so happened to gather on the grass in the middle of the afternoon. The event was a hit, and we feel like we made a positive contribution to Berkeley society.

This year, we’re upping the ante: we’re now serving C.R.E.A.M. cookies, Domino’s pizza, and Capri Suns. Check out the Facebook event and come down Wednesday 1 to 5:30 to get some tasty treats!

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CalTV Entertainment – Urban Paradise

Why do you love dancing so much?…….”God gave me this gift for me to do and then I travel the whole world to do this”- Says one of the youngest dancers of the Funky Fresh Crew. CalTV E’s Katherina DeLeon takes a trip to Urban Paradise and gets to know some of the Bay’s most talented performers. Watch as she interviews members of the The Company, Funks SF, Super Galactic, and many other young and talented performers.

-Erika Sanchez

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Skittles ad campaign, bizarre with viral potential or just bizarre?

Viral videos are a new and interesting breed of internet videos,so what makes them so damn popular? Before Rebecca Black came around I never would have thought a preteen singing about car seats would hold the attention of my best friend, let alone over 64 million people.
This skittles commercial is definitely weird and interactive to boot, I showed it to one of my roommates and she laughed and forwarded it to a friend, so I showed it to a second roommate who got creeped out and didn’t even finish watching.
Could this new interactive style of ad, following in the zany footsteps of the Old Spice campaign, have potential?

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Brought to you by (insert corporation here):

late night ice cream fight

This video features some of America’s greatest achievements: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

It also represents the new place that product placement has found in television. Recently, shows are featuring products in an overt and unapologetic manner. Gone are the subtleties of actors nonchalantly holding Pepsi bottles or walking past cars that inconspicuously display the Honda symbol. Now, Ryan Seacrest takes refreshing gulps of Coke, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel discuss the merits of their Toyota, and Stephen Colbert heavily features Ben & Jerry’s in between segments that he jokes are sponsored by Doritos.

By joking about product placement, Colbert almost makes you forget that his references to Sierra Mist or his new sponsor of the day can actually make a real difference in sales (the Colbert bump, if you will).

It makes you wonder where product placement will go next.


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Social Media Junkie? We Are Too.

As an online TV station, we have to stay up to speed on all things social media. As a student-driven organization, we want to communicate with the people watching our shows. So beyond these blogs and, which boasts user profiles (register today!) and video comment sections, we have several other options.

All of our videos are posted on our YouTube page, at We love comments and feedback!

Be a fan on Facebook. Besides the main CalTV Facebook page, we are developing department-specific pages to give viewers more in-depth information on episodes and related info.

Follow us on Twitter–our handle is @CalTV.

In progress: CalTV Tumblr. We’ll repost our blog articles, add some snazzy behind-the-scenes photos and footage, and be a general source of all-around visual awesomeness. Stay tuned!

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Vote for CalTV!

Support CalTV by voting in the Caliber Magazine Club Awards! We’re up for the Caliber award against Camp Kesem, Jericho, and Cal Habitat for Humanity. We know those are great clubs too, but…

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